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Stop Trading
Hours for $$

I believe there is greatness in YOU and that other people
can be blessed by your brilliance. Your story, your life experiences, your
talents and gifts all roll together to uniquely qualify you to impact the
world in a way only you can. If you're someone who feels like you're meant
for something BIG, I love working with people like you... helping you
encapsulate, systematize, package and promote your greatness in a
way that it can be delivered to lots of people at once.


Brainstorm Simple Ways to
Align with Your Big Vision


Done-For-You and With-You Solutions for Product Creation, Books & Platform


Social Engagement &
Online Platform Building

What People Are Saying

"For the past 16 years, Marnie Pehrson's consulting and mentoring has been invaluable to me as a business owner. Her constant encouragement, idea generation, and action steps have helped me create several profitable businesses. She has taught me through word and example how to believe in myself, trust my heart, and persistently reach for my dreams. She is a person of action and will elevate your business if you're ready to act." Eileen Voyles, Hungry Howies, Chattanooga, TN


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