To People Who Try To Lose Excess Weight But Keep Gaining It Back

"Nobody Believed I Could Shed 50 Pounds Without Going on a Diet -- But When I Danced My Heart Out on Video in My Skinny Black Dress, They Begged Me For My Secret!"

Can you imagine feeling energetic, fit and full of life? Able to pursue your interests and dreams with passion and vigor? Perhaps you’d like to travel the world, visit children or grandchildren, climb mountains or run marathons. Can you imagine having the stamina, health and energy to fully embrace your life well into your later years?

Are you living your dream life or …

  • Are you feeling lethargic, burnout or unenthusiastic about your life?
  • Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished you could shed pounds that are slowing you down?
  • Do you collapse into bed at night, exhausted?
  • Have you given up on your dreams because they seem impractical given your existing life circumstances?
  • In a word do you feel TRAPPED?

Maybe you're like I was ... a stress eater who wasn't sure exactly when the weight crept on. One day I had some photos taken at an event and exclaimed, "Yuck, how did I get this fat?" 

Then, in August 2011, as I rode back from a family beach vacation, I made a decision that would forever change my life. I was burnt out with my business, and dying a little every day in my marriage. Over the hours it took to return home, I sat in the passenger seat of our minivan painting a mental picture of what I wanted my life and relationships to be like in two years' time..

I got super clear on the type of relationship I'd rather have, how I wanted to feel in my marriage, and how I wanted my life to look. My dream was to be surrounded by passionate relationships that fueled my fire. I envisioned a marriage that was co-creative, collaborative and connected. In this vision, I was passionate about my work and the people who surrounded me. I pictured traveling, speaking and engaging fully in life.

This emotionally charged picture felt incredibly real to me in those hours, but what became even more clear was that I was not capable of receiving this vision -- at least not yet. I was tired, burnt out, forty pounds overweight, and exhausted most of the time. If my husband did morph into an energetic, adventurous soul who "got me," I wouldn't be capable of keeping up with him. Or if my current relationship ended, I wasn't prepared to be a companion to, much less attract, the person I envisioned.

So I knew, if this vision was to be, it was up to me to change myself. I had to get in shape, eliminate the extra weight, and regain my vitality. I had to start taking care of and transform myself into the type of person who could attract the relationships and lifestyle I envisioned.

When I got home, I started taking vitamins and walking a few times a week. Gradually I added a visit to the gym. I worked up to a couple gym visits each week. Then I was going to the gym three days a week, then five. Only a few months in, I was addicted. I didn't obsess over the weight. I concerned myself with how I felt. Was my energy increasing? Yes!

As I write this, it's 3 years after that life-altering trip home from the beach. 

  • I met my initial weight goal a year ago and even went 22 pounds below it. 
  • I am out of the painful marriage that held me captive (something I never thought I'd have the courage to do). 
  • I'm attracting the exact types of relationships I envisioned. 
  • I'm 50 pounds lighter and my lifestyle keeps the weight off .
  • I feel 15 years younger.
  • I love the direction my life is going. 
  • I'm surrounded by amazing, talented friends and colleagues who are collaborative and encouraging.
  • Now rather than overeating, I have to remind myself to eat!
  • I'm excited about the incredible people I get to serve in my business.

I used a lot of tools to help me along my way. One of the primary ones was Carolyn Cooper's SimplyHealed MethodTM of energy work. I systematically began facing fears, increasing my self-worth, valuing myself more, and letting go of guilt, shame, and a slew of other emotions and false beliefs that stood in my way. I also aligned myself with universal laws that brought my vision into reality.

Probably the biggest shift came when I realized that God WANTED me to have my dream -- that He was 100% behind me living a joyful, fulfilling life!

The transformation has been so miraculous to me -- and so on target with what I envisioned in that car ride home from the beach -- that I am excited to share it with you so YOU too can start creating the life of your dreams!

That's why in this workshop, you'll be able to join me for a no-holds-barred workshop where I'll be revealing my secrets of creating an amazing body. PLUS, I'll be using the same energy techniques that worked for me, on your behalf! 

If you're ready to look good and feel great while pursuing your dreams in 2014 and beyond, join me, for

 "How to Create Your Own Amazing Body"

January 12: In the 1st session ...


Eliminate the false beliefs, blocks, and past trauma's that are making you hang onto the weight. No matter how much you may want your dream, if these are in the way, you'll sabotage your success. In this audio, I'll use energy techniques to help you remove what's standing in your way.
Put the power of co-creation on your side by tying your Amazing Body to your big dream!

January 14th: In the 2nd session ...

Connect you up to your BIG Why. Being fully connected to your Big Vision and your plan for achieving it is the secret to creating the vital, fit body you long to have. Creating that connection, maintaining it will give you the ability to keep going no matter what.
Eliminate any final false beliefs, blocks, and past trauma's that are making you hang onto the weight. Using energy methods we can help you release anything that's made you hang onto the weight in the past or kept you from being able to create a true lifestyle change.


How your brain chemistry affects your food cravings and how to tweak what you're eating to diminish and even eliminate cravings. This bonus audio will help you understand how to make the food you eat work together with your brain chemistry to create lasting changes.

You'll Also Receive

Shift Old Thinking Patterns and Implement New Powerful Ones - with my specially crafted affirmations that will connect you fully to your big vision and keep you consistently moving toward it. 
Co Create Your Life with God! My bonus meditation is made especially for Christians. It takes you to Christ where you can co-create your life with God.


"I participated in Marnie Pehrson's Create Your Amazing Body program in conjunction with her powerful personal energy work. Marnie's caring, gentle, non judgmental approach has not cleared, but literally busted through unconscious limiting beliefs that previously blocked my weight loss, energy, creativity, and ability to write. I feel happier, energetic, embodied, and empowered. What a life changing experience! " 

Denise Wade Ph.D.
Researcher, Relationship Coach, and Human Behaviorist

"I love this workshop! The first class filled me with hope. It's such a nice formula that makes me feel like, "Okay, I can go down this list and trust that somebody has actually accomplished this with this plan and that it really can happen." It's so very hopeful."
-- Penny Hansen

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This is a great place to ask questions, discuss anything that's coming up for you, bounce ideas around with fellow Amazing Body Participants, find accountability partners and much more!

"How to Create Your Amazing Body" 
Mon, Wed, January 12, 14
2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12noon MT / 11am PT
Sessions Last 60 minutes but can go to
90 depending upon audience participation.
Calls will be recorded and MP3's made available afterwards.

Only $67!

What People Are Saying About Working with Marnie ...

"Marnie's creative shift work is amazing! I worked with her as I was making a big transition in my business to step into a bolder passionate message. She helped me to move all those pebbles that were preventing me from shining brightly and confidently in my new message. It's those subtle, unconscious things that get in your way. Marnie is truly masterful at helping you identify what your pebbles and rocks are. She's so committed to helping you remove those blocks so you can show up as your most powerful self!" 
          - Laura West,


"Marnie Pehrson is an absolute inspiration! I find myself learning something new or being inspired every time I hear her speak or read her written word. I love Marnie's live trainings because they are so personal and specific while still giving a ton of awesome information. My life has been completely changed because of Marnie and I love the SimplyHealed technique that she now adds into her mentoring and trainings. I cannot say enough about Marnie!! I HIGHLY encourage you to attend her trainings! You will NOT be disappointed!" - Martina Muir 


"I've been on a major roll with my product...with the help of SO many! Folks have come out of the wood work insisting that I get this product on the market, whatever it takes! One after another they have come forward and said 'what can I do to help.'  Dang me, don't know what you did to me, but I like living in this world where anything is possible! I owe you a debt of gratitude! I am so excited to send you my first product!"

Carrie Tucker
Your Sacred Breathing Handbook


"Marnie shares her intelligence and talents with wit, she shares them with patience. She's articulate, she's organized in her thoughts. She doesn't lose us. We follow along and we get it. Lastly, we know we can do it. She infused us with the confidence to know we can."

Victoria Fielding
Light Sojourn


"Marnie brings clarity to any situation. She has a gift for explaining things in a way that opens new doors of understanding, and brings insight to personal experiences. She recognizes the strengths and needs of her students, and brings her message right into their hands. Her insights will change the way you handle your life, and improve the results you attain."

Jamie Bartschi


"For the past 16 years, Marnie Pehrson's consulting and mentoring has been invaluable to me as a business owner. Her constant encouragement, idea generation, and action steps have helped me create several profitable businesses. She has taught me through word and example how to believe in myself, trust my heart, and persistently reach for my dreams. She is a person of action and will elevate your business if you're ready to act."

Eileen Voyles
Pinnacle Service Team


"I've had the pleasure of getting to know Marnie Pehrson over the last several years; first as members of the same Mastermind, then we (and several other women marketers) hosted a live event together. After that, I participated as an author in one of Marnie's collaborative book projects, plus she has been a speaker on several of my telesummit events.

Throughout all of those experiences, Marnie has been unfailingly warm, kind, generous, giving and extremely knowledgeable ... in short, an absolute pleasure to work with ... but the most amazing quality Marnie has is her ability to rapidly take an idea and put it into action.

If you are looking for an incredibly smart, successful mentor to help you get your light into the world, then look no further, because Marnie's your gal!"

Ellen Britt
Marketing Qi


"As a Mom and a woman in business, sometimes I feel a little fragmented and at the same time heavy with burdens. My SimplyHealedTM sessions with Marnie quickly refocus and recenter me, pulling me pack together and lightening my burdens. After my last session I literally felt like I shed 100 lbs, and physically I started shedding weight in the following week, AND I understood internet marketing a lot more clearly! Marnie's style and personal presence, even over the phone, is simple, powerful and light. I come away from my sessions with her refocused, clear about my next steps, and more clear about my personal message."

Liz Bradley