Are You a Light-Bearer? 
(Someone With A Message To Share With The World) 

But You're Burnt Out?
Feeling Like a Fraud?
Frustrated Because You're Not 
Getting Your Message Out and 
You Don't Understand What's Wrong? 

"Release Your Blocks, Shift Your Beliefs and Claim Your Brilliance in 90 Days"


    As the creator of, I've worked with thousands of authors, coaches, consultants and experts in diverse industries since 1998. I've spent years mapping the creative cycles and common obstacles that inspired creative entrepreneurs go through. 

    For instance, here are 5 common blocks that light bearing entrepreneurs face when trying to put their messages into the world:

  • you may have stalled out on a plateau that's left you feeling apathetic, even bored with your business.
  • you may long for something "more" but can't quite put your finger on what that is.
  • you may crave an innovative idea that rejuvenates you, but feel stuck in the blahs.
  • you may have hit a personal challenge that's left you feeling incongruent with your message (Some call this the "Imposter Syndrome).
  • you may know how to coach others to a higher, more passionate life, but your own relationships suck the joy out of your sails.

     I can easily identify why you feel blocked,
frustrated or in a funk and assist you in transitioning to a positively energetic place so you can get your message out into the world. 

     What if I told you that within 90 days, you could be...

Feeling what's been blocking you shift and disintegrate. 
Noticing your energy moving in a positive direction.
Having fun with your business and feeling ecstatic about your work..
Feeling confident in yourself, the products and service you're offering and feeling completely aligned with your work.
Passionate about the impact you're making in the lives of your clients and customers.
Feeling completely free with limitless possibilities, yet focused and clear about your purpose and passion.
Filled with hope for the future and excitement about your big dreams.


People tell me after this work, they feel lighter, freer and are able to take action in their businesses like never before.

I'm thrilled to see the progress my clients are making! 

     As you become completely aligned, authentic and passionate about your projects you'll . . .

Unleash your creativity 

Get your message out into the world
Attract more clients and opportunities
Remove the invisible barriers that have been blocking you so you can start making more money.
You'll feel that sweet spot of congruency!


Real Life Stories 
(Names have been changed to protect privacy)

Melanie and I had been working on her business for 2-3 sessions, and she was making great strides. Just when she thought she'd found her zone again, she and her husband had a big fight. 

She texted me and we worked out a time to talk that day. We not only cleared up the energy in her relationship with her husband, but also released many false beliefs and old programs that Melanie had developed in childhood about men, women, husbands and wives. Once these were released, Melanie was free to create a better marriage relationship than the one she'd observed in childhood. 


Jennifer is a successful entrepreneur, leading the way for others. But due to a setback, she had developed a bad case of "imposter syndrome" and had largely stepped away from her business, taking an overdue rest. 

In our first session, we were able to clear these issues and help her see that her setbacks did not make her any less of an expert in her field. Jennifer's countenance visibly lightened. She felt an immediate shift and her mood improved on the spot. 

A few days later, she realized there was a deeper level of issues she wanted addressed. She sent me a quick email and we set up a time that day to talk. Together we determined that Jennifer was fighting her natural creative cycle. We cleared the way for her to relax into the rest phase she was in, fully embracing and finding joy in it. By the next day, she was back in the creative flow, generating ideas around her invigorated focus. 



Linda was working on launching a new product, but just couldn't work up enough enthusiasm to complete it. She'd started it, but her interest was waning. She called me and we reconnected her to her project and cleared some blocks that were standing in her way. Within a couple days, she completed the product, launched it and generated $2,400 within the first 24 hours.


"Marnie’s creative shift work is amazing! I worked with her as I was making a big transition in my business to step into a bolder passionate message. She helped me to move all those pebbles that were preventing me from shining brightly and confidently in my new message. It’s those subtle, unconscious things that get in your way. Marnie is truly masterful at helping you identify what your pebbles and rocks are. She’s so committed to helping you remove those blocks so you can show up as your most powerful self!" 
          - Laura West,


Introducing the ... 

90-Day Claim Your Brilliance Belief-Shifting Program

    If you are a light-bearer, keeping your message like a fire-fly in your hand and then feeling frustrated that it's not lighting up your back yard, then this program is for you!

    If you're ready to shift the invisible obstacles that are keeping you from shining your light, this program brings you the knowledge, experience and hand-holding you'll need every step of the way.

    My unique experience blends the SimplyHealedTM Method for shifting blocks and beliefs with 22 years of message delivery and marketing strategies. 

    I've spent over a decade observing and promoting experts who are putting messages out in the world.  I've seen the difference between those who stay small and those who attract huge possibilities, media attention, clients, and joint venture partners. This program gives you the hand-holding you need to really launch yourself in the world.


    Here are a few of the issues we can address in our 90-days together.


What Is Energy Work?

The SimplyHealedTM Method is a gentle means of quickly removing past trauma, generational patterns, and negative beliefs and installing positive affirmations so that you get swift results. No "psychic ability" is involved. It uses a combination of kinesiology (aka muscle testing) and active listening to assess and identify trouble areas to move them out of the way. 

Find Your WOW! You're burnt out and tired because you've tried too many things that aren't in alignment with your authentic gifts. You've been trying too hard to make something work. Find your WOW again!

Smooth Out Those Rocky Relationships. Are there people in your life who are draining your energy? Causing worry? We can actually shift the dynamic in these relationships so they are no longer a strain on your creative energy.

Realign for a Congruent, Authentic You. It's not uncommon for a successful entrepreneur to hit a challenge that makes her question everything she knows. For example if a relationship coach experiences marital problems, it might send her into a tail-spin wondering whether everything she's taught is a lie. Is she now an imposter, unworthy to help people with their relationships? Let's uncover that authentic, congruent "you" together! Then you'll be ready to step into the world and shine with your crystal clear, authentic message.

Get Fully Connected to Your Projects. Do you ever feel like you can't completely engage with a new project? Maybe there are doubts, fears, or something niggling in the back of your mind that's holding you back from giving it your all. Connecting fully to your projects yields profitable results instantly! 

Release Invisible Barriers Around Money. I've yet to work with an entrepreneur who didn't have some generational, emotional or mindset issues around money. Whether you're deciding how to price your services, are positioning yourself with higher ticket programs. want to tap into a full measure of abundance, or desire to be a good steward of the money that's coming your way, your money mindset affects the bottom-line in your business in every way imaginable.  Isn't it time you optimized your money mindset for ultimate abundance? You're worth it!

Find Your Flow Again. Has everything become laborious and difficult? Does it seem like you're working long hours with little to show for it? Let's shift you into a flow state again where the ideas, energy and results spill out naturally with less time and less energy.

Break Free of Repeating Patterns. Do you keep cycling back around to the same old challenges? Break free of them once and for all!

Get the Details . . .

     Here's your chance to work with me privately.

     Get the one-on-one attention you need.

     For a limited time, I'm offering a special 8-session package catered to your specific needs, with flexible scheduling.

     I've found that when an inspired creative is caught in the "blah's," she may need a spur-of-the-moment session to address a challenge that's cropped up. For example, you may feel like you're stuck in a rut, unable to generate fresh ideas. We have a session, and your energy shifts immediately. You feel lighter, liberated and empowered. You zip right along, making strides until four days later a relationship issue crops up. Suddenly, the wind is sucked out of your sails. Now what? With standard weekly consults, you'd have to wait several more days for a session to get the assistance you need.

     With this program, not only will we meet weekly, but also you can 911 Me! Just stop by my calendar and grab a slot or send me a quick email and see if I can work you in. 

   There's no need to stall out because something's cropped up and needs addressing. 

   These 8 sessions are intended to be used over a 2-3 month period. And I am very flexible in making myself available to you by email or a quick phone call between sessions. My goal is for you to stay on a roll -- ALWAYS maintaining momentum toward your goal!



    It's like having your own personal navigator who'll clear a path, moving the icebergs out of your way so you can sail forward, sharing the message that burns in your heart with those who need it most.

   You see, there are typical cycles and patterns that inspired creatives travel. Because I've been studying and documenting these paths for years, it usually only takes me a few minutes to pinpoint where you are along your journey. From there I can help you see why things are happening, what it's going to take to get you moving forward again, and what to expect next. 


A typical session will look like this:

  • I'll ask you to a share a bit about your situation and what your intention is for the session.
  • I'll work to clear the blocks, self-defeating behaviors and false beliefs that are standing in your way.
  • We'll brainstorm on the practical next steps you can take to freely move forward in your life and/or business. If any anxiety or hindrances come up during this process, I'll clear those as we go.
  • When you hang up the phone, you're going to feel lighter, free-er and empowered to step forward. You'll be clear about your next step and have an unobstructed path to move into action. 
  • In the days following a call, you're going to see opportunities opening up for you. You'll find yourself taking proactive action in areas in which you once felt paralyzed or stalled.

I care about you! Once you get through the 90-day Claim Your Brilliance Belief-Shifting Program, you're going to be able to shine your light like never before!

We'll Keep Your Momentum Going Forward . . .

    The last thing you want is to lose momentum because you've hit a snag but are too shy to ask for help when you need it. You may see a text or Facebook message from me -- especially after you've cleared a particularly tough challenge. I want to make sure you're ok and that things are going well.

     Many times, obstacles can be cleared for you remotely without you having to use one of your sessions.

     Because of the personalized nature of the 90-Day Claim Your Brilliance Belief-Shifting Program, I can only take a limited number of clients at a time. Once I've reached that limit, I will deactivate the buy button until I have another opening.

     90-Day Claim Your Brilliance Belief-Shifting Program

One Payment of $1797 3 Payments of $697
* Billed in three monthly payments

Call Me To See If This Is a Fit!

If you have questions about this program or would like to discuss if it's a fit for you, we can set up a time to chat. Either email me at or visit my calendar here and schedule a 15-minute chat.

What People Are Saying About Working with Marnie ...

"I've been on a major roll with my product...with the help of SO many! Folks have come out of the wood work insisting that I get this product on the market, whatever it takes! One after another they have come forward and said 'what can I do to help.'  Dang me, don't know what you did to me, but I like living in this world where anything is possible! I owe you a debt of gratitude! I am so excited to send you my first product!"

Carrie Tucker
Your Sacred Breathing Handbook


"Marnie shares her intelligence and talents with wit, she shares them with patience. She's articulate, she's organized in her thoughts. She doesn't lose us. We follow along and we get it. Lastly, we know we can do it. She infused us with the confidence to know we can."

Victoria Fielding
Light Sojourn


"Marnie brings clarity to any situation. She has a gift for explaining things in a way that opens new doors of understanding, and brings insight to personal experiences. She recognizes the strengths and needs of her students, and brings her message right into their hands. Her insights will change the way you handle your life, and improve the results you attain."

Jamie Bartschi


"For the past 16 years, Marnie Pehrson's consulting and mentoring has been invaluable to me as a business owner. Her constant encouragement, idea generation, and action steps have helped me create several profitable businesses. She has taught me through word and example how to believe in myself, trust my heart, and persistently reach for my dreams. She is a person of action and will elevate your business if you're ready to act."

Eileen Voyles
Pinnacle Service Team


"I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Marnie Pehrson over the last several years; first as members of the same Mastermind, then we (and several other women marketers) hosted a live event together. After that, I participated as an author in one of Marnie’s collaborative book projects, plus she has been a speaker on several of my telesummit events.

Throughout all of those experiences, Marnie has been unfailingly warm, kind, generous, giving and extremely knowledgeable…in short, an absolute pleasure to work with…but the most amazing quality Marnie has is her ability to rapidly take an idea and put it into action.

If you are looking for an incredibly smart, successful mentor to help you get your light into the world, then look no further, because Marnie’s your gal!"

Ellen Britt
Marketing Qi


"As a Mom and a woman in business, sometimes I feel a little fragmented and at the same time heavy with burdens. My SimplyHealedTM sessions with Marnie quickly refocus and recenter me, pulling me pack together and lightening my burdens. After my last session I literally felt like I shed 100 lbs, and physically I started shedding weight in the following week, AND I understood internet marketing a lot more clearly! Marnie's style and personal presence, even over the phone, is simple, powerful and light. I come away from my sessions with her refocused, clear about my next steps, and more clear about my personal message."

Liz Bradley


Note: If this program isn't a fit for you,
click here for more ways you can work with me.


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