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An Uncertain Justice
9"x6", 292 page paperback
Price: $15.95+$4.95 shipping/handling in US
Publisher: Spirit Tree Publishing

On a sunny afternoon in March 1922, Deputy Sheriff Morton was gunned down in cold blood, and his grandson, Sherman, wants revenge. For Sherman, only an eye-for-an-eye retribution will serve the demands of justice, but elements of the community feel differently. Soon the national media ignites a frenzy amongst boys' organizations across the country, coaxing the governor to consider a stay of execution for the two youths responsible for the crime.

As Sherman's anger and frustration increase, his life begins to unravel--affecting his job and his relationship with the girl he loves.

This riveting true story about the last legal hanging in Georgia captured the attention of a nation, but more importantly, it racked the soul of a boy who dearly loved his grandfather. How does one deal with the long-lasting effects of murder? Does a punishment ever fit the crime? Is it possible, or even necessary to forgive a murderer? Find out within the pages of An Uncertain Justice, a look into the scope of justice and mercy that will make you question what you believe.


Angel and the Enemy
By Marnie L. Pehrson
287 pages, ISBN 0-9729750-9-8
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SHE RAN HER FINGERS THROUGH HER BLONDE LOCKS IN FRUSTRATION. HE'S A YANKEE, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! SHE SCOLDED HERSELF. She had no business thinking about him or feeling anything for him! He was the enemy, invading their home, ready to perform who-knew-what kind of villainy upon them! 
   Yet soon Angelina will face the most horrific night of her young life, and the Yankee soldier may be her only hope, leaving Angelina's heart eternally tethered to... the enemy. 

In Love We Trust & Second Sight
2 Stories in One Volume
By Marnie L. Pehrson
Southern Romantic Mysteries
Paperback ISBN: 0-9676162-5-5
244 pages

In Love We Trust Synopsis: Every man in Mandy Gates' life has proven himself untrustworthy. From her neglectful father to her friend's abusive husband, Mandy can't see that any man warrants the effort. That is until the handsome Civil War re-enactor Bronson Reilly enters and keeps re-entering her world in the most unusual ways. Will fate's relentless matchmaking finally persuade Mandy's heart to trust? And if she does, will she stand to lose him in the end?

Second Sight Synopsis (A Sequel to "In Love We Trust"): Sable Graham, a successful criminal lawyer, is adrift. The life she's worked so hard to build for herself is now in shambles. What's more, she's all alone with secrets she dare not reveal. She certainly can't risk involvement with anyone new - especially not the handsome police officer her roommate's pushing her to date!

Officer Gerard McNally is a homicide detective working on a puzzling case, and he's not fully equipped for what he finds while investigating the victim's life. Sable must decide whether to reveal her secret to Gerard. If she does, will she lose him? If she doesn't, will her best friend become the next victim of a serial killer set loose in a small Georgia community?

Binding Ties
By Marnie L. Pehrson
Modern Romance
Ebook - $.99
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Felicity Clausen, an ambitious young woman with a promising career, suddenly finds herself the owner of a cattle farm. Thrown into farm life, Felicity must learn to raise cattle, fix tractors, harvest corn and mend fences. 
    The neighbor assigned to teach her is the handsome Hank Tucker, an easy-going, ambitionless man whom Felicity perceives as going nowhere. Yet, as she comes to know her tutor, Felicity learns there's more to the man than she realized. In fact, Felicity's startling discoveries about Hank completely alter her priorities, her understanding of what brings joy in life, and her plans for the future.
    A modern romance with historical flavor . . . binding the present to the past. 

The Earl's Confession
By Marnie L. Pehrson
Ebook Format: $7.95

"NOW THIS IS A WOMAN WORTH DYING FOR" Montgomery Eaton thought to himself but immediately brushed the notion aside, frowning. In another place, another time, he would have pursued this young lady to the ends of the earth, but Montgomery held too many secrets. He could never risk life with any woman, especially not one as charming as this vision standing before him. His will would be undone and his secrets spilled dangerously from his lips. Chaos and calamity would most assuredly follow.
     The year is 1626, the place Wiltshire England. Religious persecution blazes at a fevered pitch, and state and religion are firmly welded and enforced by the sword. When Lady Ashley Crittenden falls for the dashing yet mysterious Earl Montgomery Eaton, she soon finds that his dangerous secrets intersect with her own in an unexpected way. 


The Patriot Wore Petticoats
by Marnie L. Pehrson
Historical fiction based on a true story (paperback or ebook)

Ever since Marnie read about her heroic 4th Great Grandmother, Daring "Dicey" Langston, she felt drawn to writing a novel about her life. Born 200 years to the month after Dicey Langston's birth, Marnie put herself into the heroine's shoes and the feeling that one day she'd write Dicey's story began to percolate. Then when her good friend Marcia Lynn McClure introduced her to historical fiction romance, Marnie knew the time had come for the riveting tale of Daring Dicey Langston to be told in book form. The Patriot Wore Petticoats is the result. Click here to learn more about the life and descendents of the Revolutionary young woman who helped win the American fight for freedom.

Rebecca's Reveries
By Marnie L. Pehrson
Historical fiction (paperback or ebook)
Marnie and her sister's families purchased 24 acres of the Battlefield Stables at an auction in 1996. Rebecca's Reveries is set on this property which borders the Chickamauga Battlefield. Living in the middle of such rich history set Marnie's mind wandering back to the past and what it must have been like. In the book, young Rebecca Marchant finds herself inexplicably drawn to the home of her father's youth. Surrounded by the historical landscape of the Chickamauga Battlefield and ghostly legends related to her by residents, Rebecca finds herself plagued by haunting dreams and vivid visions of Civil War events. As Rebecca walks a mile in another girl's moccasins through her visions and dreams she learns about the heritage and sacrifices of her forebears along with valuable lessons in compassion, forgiveness, temptation and the power of true love. 

A Little Night Music
By Marnie L. Pehrson
Modern Mystery/Romance - Ebook format
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Ebook Price: $7.95
GABRIELLE CLAY-MASTERSON IS IN DEEP TROUBLE, AND THE ONLY MAN WHO CAN SAVE HER IS HER HANDSOME NEIGHBOR, A MUSICIAN WITH A PROPENSITY FOR PLAYING HIS PIANO IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. What starts out as a little night music, turns into a mysterious web of intrigue, murder, conspiracy, and - just when Gabrielle had given up on such notions - an unexpected twist of heart-stopping romance. 

Beyond the Waterfall
By Marnie L. Pehrson
Historical Fiction, Based on a True Story
Printed Book: $8.95

Jillian Elliott's feet were precariously planted in two worlds: the Cherokee nation on the brink of extermination, and the world where he belonged. On her first meeting with the charming and handsome merchant, Jesse Whitmore had set her young heart ablaze. Yet, could she trust him? Or was he just like all the rest? Would he stand beside her while she witnessed her nation ripped apart, or would he join the ranks of the powerful greedy to betray her? Inspired by legends and family history of Cherokee treasure hidden along the winding rapids of Georgia and Tennessee. 

Back in Emily's Arms  
by Marnie L. Pehrson
Historical Fiction / Time Travel Romance (Ebook only)
Ebook Price: $5.95

This time travel historical romance was also inspired by the rich Chickamauga Battlefield landscape. In this story, Trevor Grayson, a young man with a checkered past who finally feels he's got life under control, learns that sometimes fate takes unexpected twists. A unique blend of history, romance, and even a little science fiction combined to inspire and leave you feeling better than the story found you. 

Tomorrow's PromiseTomorrow's Promise
By Marnie L. Pehrson
Ebook Price: $6.95 

And so Dani Montana, the poor farm girl from the hills of Tennessee,  found herself married to the well-respected Seth Harkin: a kind, handsome man who, for some mysterious reason unbeknownst to Dani, worshipped the ground she walked upon. While any other woman would have been thrilled to own him, Dani still felt nothing. She decided that her difficult upbringing had damaged her somehow and resigned herself to never know true love. That was until one event changed her world forever, and Dani learned that within true love lies tomorrow's promise.