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"Discover How to Create and Publish Your
Kindle Book in 5 Easy Steps"

Marnie Pehrson
has been marketing books online since 1994. She's a mother of 6 and bestselling author of 25 titles including, Trust Your Heart: Transforming Your Ideas Into Income.

Dear Fellow Author:

Are you excited to see your book on Kindle? Are you feeling overwhelmed by what it takes to format it correctly and upload it to Amazon?  

Are you tired of paying for cover creation and formatting that eats into your profits? Is depending upon others keeping you from getting your books converted to Kindle format as fast as you'd like? 

Did you know creating a Kindle book doesn't have to be as difficult as some people suspect or make it? In fact, I can show you how to format and upload a Kindle book in as little as an hour. I do it all the time!

I'm Marnie Pehrson, an author of 25 titles and have the Kindle creation process down to a shockingly simple 5-step system. I've created a solid, no-fluff video training that will take you through the process!

In my

"5 Step Kindle Creation and
Publishing System"

you'll ...

Get your book noticed and sell more copies with this handy method of creating titles that come up higher on search engines.
Create an eye-catching cover in minutes with this simple FREE cover creation tool!
Save hours of hair-pulling by avoiding these common formatting mistakes. You'll have your book professionally formatted for Kindle fast.
Increase sales by making your book easy to find with proper categorization.
Maximize royalties by leveraging Amazon's best pricing strategies.
Take the mystery out of getting your Kindle book up on Amazon fast.
Save $$$ by never having to pay for Kindle formatting or cover creation again!
5 Step Kindle Creation and Publishing System

In my Video Training Tutorials You'll have everything you need to 

  • Create titles that sell

  • Create eye-popping covers fast

  • Format your ebook and create your Kindle file without the hassles of the past

  • Research optimal categories, keywords and pricing for your book

  • Upload your book to Amazon KDP

Save literally dozens of hair-pulling hours with my simple system that you can use over and over again for all your Kindle books!

"I recently emailed Marnie in desperation. I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I had already spent so much time researching ebook publication options, and nothing was making any sense to me at all. No one seemed to be able to give me the specific steps I needed to take for formatting, pricing, uploading, selling - anything!

Marnie's ecourse contains everything anyone could ever want to know about publishing an ebook! It is clear, simple, and straightforward. She walks you through every step with helpful videos, and she provides extra resources to answer any other questions. I cannot recommend this course enough for people who want to publish an ebook! Thank you, Marnie!" 
               - Christine Wells

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