To People Who Try To Lose Excess Weight But Keep Gaining It Back

"Nobody Believed I Could Shed 50 Pounds Without Going on a Diet -- But When I Danced My Heart Out on Video in My Skinny Black Dress, They Begged Me For My Secret!"

Your weight affects every interaction you have with yourself and others. In your business it determines what photos you put on Facebook, whether you feel comfortable making videos or not, being on stage, leading a retreat, or even putting your pictures on your website. Personally it impacts your dreams, traveling, sex, relationships, and basically showing up for life!

Maybe you're like I was ... a stress eater who wasn't sure exactly when the weight crept on. One day I had some photos taken at an event and exclaimed, "Yuck, I look bad! How did I get this overweight?" 

Then in August 2011, as I rode back from a family beach vacation, I made a decision that would forever change my life. I was burnt out with my business, and dying daily in my marriage. Some days I wondered if I could even go on. Over the hours it took to return home, I sat in the passenger seat of our minivan painting a mental picture of what I wanted my life and relationships to be like in two years' time.

I got super clear on the type of relationship I'd rather have, how I wanted to feel in my marriage, and how I wanted my life to look. My dream was to be surrounded by passionate relationships that fueled my fire. I envisioned a marriage that was co-creative, collaborative and connected. In this vision, I was passionate about my work and the people who surrounded me. I pictured traveling, speaking and engaging fully in life.

This emotionally charged picture felt incredibly real to me in those hours, but what became even more clear was that I was not capable of receiving this vision -- at least not yet. I was tired, burnt out,  overweight, and exhausted most of the time. If my husband did morph into an energetic, adventurous soul who "got me," I wouldn't be capable of keeping up with him. Or if my current relationship ended, I wasn't prepared to be a companion to, must less attract, the person I envisioned.

So I knew, if this vision was to be, it was up to me to change myself. I had to get in shape, eliminate the extra weight, and regain my vitality.  

I had to start taking care of and transform myself into the type of person who could attract the relationships and lifestyle I envisioned.

But I hated dieting! Say the word "diet," and I'm heading for the refrigerator. So I had to find another way to do it... 

When I got home, I began a systematic method of taking the weight off in a healthy, sustainable way. As I write this, it's 2 years and 5 months after that life-altering trip home from the beach. 

  • I'm 50 pounds lighter and in shape.
  • I feel 15 years younger.
  • I am out of the painful marriage that held me captive (something I never thought I'd have the courage to do). 
  • I'm attracting the EXACT types of relationships I envisioned. 
  • I love the direction my life is going. 
  • I'm surrounded by amazing, talented friends and colleagues who are collaborative and encouraging.
  • Now, rather than over-eating, I have to remind myself to eat.

To create this lifestyle shift, I used a lot of tools to help me along my way. One of the primary ones was Carolyn Cooper's SimplyHealed MethodTM of energy work. I systematically began facing fears, increasing my self-worth, working on my body image, valuing myself more, and letting go of guilt, shame, and a slew of other emotions and false beliefs that stood in my way. I also aligned myself with universal laws that brought my vision into reality.

It's amazing how fear, false beliefs about life and not valuing yourself can pack on the weight!

The transformation has been so miraculous to me -- and so on target with what I envisioned in that car ride home from the beach -- that I am excited to share it with you so YOU too start looking and feeling great and living the life of your dreams.

Think you have to have life going right in order to succeed and move forward? Not at all.

There are no excuses. You see, I lost this weight while suffering intense pain in my marriage, while dealing with a frightening situation with my oldest daughter, and while literally losing my business overnight - in one fell swoop. 

I learned the art of deciding to create an amazing life in the middle of all hell breaking loose. I want you to achieve your best life, too.

That's why I've put together 

"Create Your Amazing Body -  
Look and Feel Fantastic!"

Here's What You Receive:

Initial Assessment and Plan Development - The first call, we'll start off with a private 50 minute consult where I'll evaluate your belief systems to discover what's causing you to retain weight. We'll eliminate what's not working for you and craft an achievable plan for you to live your big vision. It's important that the plan we craft be do-able and sustainable. This is always my primary focus as well as helping you remove any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts about yourself that tend to crop up. 

I'll help you craft your big vision and help you break it down into daily action steps to make it a reality.

A total of three Private Phone Consults Each Month - In these 50 minute private calls with me, we'll tweak/adapt your plan so that you stick with it.  I'll help you maintain your big vision so it's easy for you to keep working toward it. 

In all our calls, I'll be using a combination of consulting, accountability, success principles, and SimplyHealedTM to remove any stumbling blocks that crop up as you go.

Ongoing Email Support - You may email me or send me a private Facebook message between calls if something comes up, like a particularly rough day or you're tempted to eat that pan of brownies!

How to Create Your Own Amazing Body Workshop - The secret to this weight-loss method is to have a vision so big that the weight loss fits into it and is a natural bi-product of it. This is why I'm giving you my "How to Create Your Own Amazing Body Workshop" so you'll know how to craft that vision and the "rules of the game" for transforming your healthy figure into a reality. 

You'll be given audios from previous classes so you can get started ASAP. ($97 Value when sold separately)

In the first audio you'll discover...

How to Craft an Unstoppable Dream! You'll learn how to create a definite major purpose that fuels your fire and propels you foreword. Not just any goal will do. There are certain characteristics of a dream that leads to action and produces results.
THE formula for transforming your dreams into reality. Once you have this formula, you'll understand why you have succeeded on some things in the past, but not others. From there you'll be able to duplicate your successes in new areas.

In the 2nd audio, you'll ...

Eliminate the five dream killers using cutting edge energy shifting techniques. No matter how much you may want your dream, if these are in the way, you'll sabotage your success. We'll not only address these common dream killers, but also I'll help you remove them using energy work.
Your dream's going to come to you! I'll be using energy techniques to amp up the vibration on your dream and put you in resonance with it!

In the 3rd audio, I'll share with you...

The ONE THING you can do that will literally bring anything you want into your life. It's so simple, so timeless that few will even try it. But it works, every time! And when you use it, you'll stand out so much from the crowd that people will be falling all over themselves to associate with you.
A powerful universal law, that when put to work in your life, will draw abundance to you like a magnet! 

In the 4th audio, you'll discover

How your brain chemistry affects your food cravings and how to tweak what you're eating to diminish and even eliminate cravings.

Private Facebook Group

This is a great place to ask questions, discuss anything that's coming up for you, bounce ideas around with fellow Amazing Life Participants, find accountability partners and much more!

6-Month FREE Audit

I periodically give this class and when I do, you may hop in on the calls for those classes to learn the latest material and take advantage of the energy clearing calls.

"I participated in Marnie Pehrsonís Create Your Own Amazing Life program in conjunction with her powerful personal energy work. Marnieís caring, gentle, non judgmental approach has not cleared, but literally busted through unconscious limiting beliefs that previously blocked my weight loss, energy, creativity, and ability to write. I feel happier, energetic, embodied, and empowered. What a life changing experience! " 

Denise Wade Ph.D.
Researcher, Relationship Coach, and Human Behaviorist 

What are you waiting for?

"Create Your Amazing Body - 
Look and Feel Fantastic!"

A $537/month Value
Only $297/month
(3 month commitment required)
Limited # of spots available due to time involved.

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Note: I am not a physician nor do I give medical advice. 
Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

What People Are Saying About Working with Marnie ...

"Marnieís creative shift work is amazing! I worked with her as I was making a big transition in my business to step into a bolder passionate message. She helped me to move all those pebbles that were preventing me from shining brightly and confidently in my new message. Itís those subtle, unconscious things that get in your way. Marnie is truly masterful at helping you identify what your pebbles and rocks are. Sheís so committed to helping you remove those blocks so you can show up as your most powerful self!" 
          - Laura West,


"Marnie Pehrson is an absolute inspiration! I find myself learning something new or being inspired every time I hear her speak or read her written word. I love Marnie's live trainings because they are so personal and specific while still giving a ton of awesome information. My life has been completely changed because of Marnie and I love the SimplyHealed technique that she now adds into her mentoring and trainings. I cannot say enough about Marnie!! I HIGHLY encourage you to attend her trainings! You will NOT be disappointed!" - Martina Muir