Are Money Hang-Ups Holding You Back?
Upgrade Your Money Mindset and
End Your Money Woes!

Have you ever asked yourself questions like this?
  • Does God want me to make money?
  • If I make a lot of money will I become proud and arrogant?
  • Do I deserve to make money?
  • Will my family/friends act differently toward me?
  • Is it right to take money for spiritual gifts that come naturally to me?
  • What about the economy, can anyone make money these days?
  • Will people really pay me for what I do?
  • Is it okay for me to make more money than my parents did?

I've been polling Light Bearers and about 87% of them say they are dissatisfied with their money situations. So if you answered yes to any of those questions, you are not alone! It'a a common challenge among faith-based entrepreneurs. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Shift your money mindset swiftly, easily and successfully...

Hi! I'm Marnie Pehrson, mother of 6, creator of and and bestselling author of 23 titles including, Light the World: How Your Brilliance Can Shift the Planet

As a long-time entrepreneur with my finger on the pulse of what entrepreneurs face AND as a certified SimplyHealedTM energy practitioner, I have the unique ability to assist you in shifting your money mindset swiftly, easily and successfully.

In my "Upgrade Your Money Mindset Program" you'll receive instruction on the 7 Laws that Govern Abundance so you have the knowledge you need to move forward toward financial abundance. These are the same laws I learned back in 2001 that enabled me to double my revenues in two months, and eventually go on to generating five times my original revenues within about 5 years' time.

Also included with each law are affirmations that will shift your negative beliefs around money to positive ones. Thoughts and beliefs are like seeds. Some of them are weeds and some of them yield a bountiful harvest! This audio is designed to assist you in uprooting the weeds and leave a beautiful garden of abundance!

As you listen to the audio, new positive beliefs will be integrated for you, literally re-programming subconscious beliefs, and shifting things on a cell-memory level. At the end of this audio, you'll feel lighter, freer and, with this new vibration, emit a positive signal to your surroundings. This new signal will start drawing abundance toward you.

Laura West talking about my belief-shifting work


Shift Into Your WOW By Upgrading Your Money Mindset Program!
90 minute MP3 audio

A copy of Marnie's take on Wallace Wattle's 1910 classic "The Science of Getting Rich" which she calls "Nothing Is Impossible for those Who Believe" 


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