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Ignite Your Light Illumination System
"My dream for 2014:
Mobilize 2,014 Christian entrepreneurs to ignite their lights in 2014. Imagine the combined effect of 2,014 Light Bearers fully connected to God's love and light, tapped into inspiration, acting daily upon that guidance, and broadcasting good in the world! The potential impact is staggering! Will you be one of us? We can light up the world, but first we must ignite our own lives. Let's do it together in 2014!" - Marnie Pehrson 
How to Create Your Own Amazing Life Workshop
In this live workshop Marnie shares her story of transforming her life in two-years' time (losing 40 pounds, re-inventing her business around her passion for assisting Light Bearers, moving out of a stale relationship to a new and vibrant one, etc.) She distills the principles, exercises, and energy techniques she used so you can use them to create your own amazing life.

Create a WOW Book Accountability and Mentoring Program

In this virtual collaborative environment you could feasibly research and write your "WOW" book in only 5 short weeks using Marnie's "Collaborative Creation and Story Method." Includes 3 months of group phone support in Marnie's Authors' Round Table.


Quantum Collaboration: 
Leveraging the Power of  Connection
Success is never achieved alone. Those who are truly successful learn to leverage the power of partnerships, joint ventures, affiliates and networking. Marnie developed this program to teach you the secrets behind forming relationships that leverage success.

How to Get More Done in a Day than Most Accomplish in a Week - this is the mindset and methodology Marnie uses as an inspired creative to work with her moods to accomplish more in less time. This is NOT a time management program. It's a philosophy that if you apply will work wonders for you.

Shift Into Your WOW By 
Upgrading Your Money Mindset Program
Are Money Hang-Ups Holding You Back? Upgrade Your Money Mindset and End Your Money Woes! Of all the things that hold entrepreneurs back, hang-ups around money are probably number one. 
Upgrade your Money Mindset Here!

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